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How to pass the java object into the spring controller

SherinPoojaJan 7 2014 — edited Jan 7 2014

Hi Friends

When I hit the url at the first time my call goes to the spring controller and sets the userDetails objects in the modelAndView.addObject("userDetails", userDetails.getUserDetails()) and returns the userDetails.html page. if I click any link in the same page i want to pass same (userDetails) object thru javascript or jquery and calls the another(controller) method and returns the same (userDetails.html) page.

It means how can i pass the java object thru javascript or jquery and calls the controller. if i get the same object in my controller i can avoid calling the db again. please help me out to resolve this issue. i am tired of fixing this issue.


Sherin Pooja

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Added on Jan 7 2014
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