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How to pass a char array pointer from JNI to Java without copying the array

918593Feb 20 2012
Hello All,

My requirement is to pass a char* (character array pointer) from JNI to Java with out actually copying the array. i.e., i want to avoid creating NewByteArray and copying elements in to this byteArray (byte by byte) and then returning the array.

I saw some documentation which says we can allocate direct buffer using NewDirectByteBuffer(). I have tried using it, but when i try to access the array from the ByteBuffer newly created, it always gives UnsupportedOperationException at java level. My code is as follows:

In Jni:

static jobject getByteBuffer(JNIEnv* env, jobject thiz)

gElement = gMyCppImplementation->getByteBuffer(size);// char* pointer will be returned by my C++ code and size i will fill in the getByteBuffer method
LOGE("After get bytebuffer call address %d, size %d",gElement, size);
LOGE("size of array is=%d ", (int)size);
myByteBuffer = env->NewDirectByteBuffer((void*)gElement, (jlong)size);
return myByteBuffer ;

In Java:

ByteBuffer converted = (ByteBuffer)getByteBuffer();

converted.isDirect() returns true but converted.hasArray() gives me unsupportedoperationexception.

Please help me how to solve this problem or any other alternative to resolve it.
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Added on Feb 20 2012