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How to navigate to navigate to another jsff page and then execute a method

User_Q9C3JAug 10 2022

Hello, my JDeveloper version is Studio Edition Version and I am relatively new to all of this, so please bear with me.
Basically, I want to navigate from one .jsff view to another .jsff view and then execute a function from a managed bean immediately.
My setup: on the first .jsff view there is an af:table with a certain column containing links. If I click on a link in one row, I want to navigate to another .jsff view, open up a specific af:showDetailItem in an af:panelTabbed, and select a certain row in the af:table inside this af:showDetailItem that corresponds to the row I clicked in the first .jsff view.
I know it is built into the task flow framework to allow a method call and then a switch to a view, but I need the other way around because this method needs to be able to interact with the components on the second page (opening a tab and selecting a row in the table).
I looked around a lot online and a lot of people reference in response to similar questions, but it seems this article is no longer active or I do not have access to it. I also have read it is possible to navigate to a view and then have an invisible field in the UI have a 'rendered' property that will call a function in the bean and you can execute your functionality there. I was wondering if there is a more standard way to solve this that is more built into the framework. If I am also going about this the wrong way, please let me know.
If anyone has encountered something similar, any help would be appreciated.
--Scott M.

This post has been answered by User_Q9C3J on Sep 12 2022
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