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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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How to move the database to another PC

User_OM5DIJun 9 2023


Right now I have installed Oracle Database 21c Express Edition on Windows 11 x64. To start/stop the database I made a small bat file that starts/stops the following services: OracleOraDB21Home1TNSListener, OracleOraDB21Home1MTSRecoveryService, OracleVssWriterXE, OracleServiceXE. The database runs fine, but I want to move it to another PC with the same operating system Windows 11 x64.

Can someone help me explain how can I move it and transfer the services (as they have the login information), and of course all the pluggable databases with their data so that I can use it the same way and start it with that bat file (meaning start it by starting the services)?

Any help is much appreciated, thank!

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Added on Jun 9 2023