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How to move bulk records in Universal Content Management?

ERP CSIDec 7 2023


We are having WebCenter Records-

WE want to move some records (1000's) from one location to another location. This location number holds by one system defined metadata called- dActualLocation. I just updated this value manually for one record and the record was moved to the new location. But to perform the same for 1000's of records manually is not possible.

Tried to use the EDIT_EXTERNAL_ITEM_FORM RIDC service as well, but this service is failing to update the dActualLocation value without any error. Below are the code that i was trying, any help will be appreciated.

int count = 0;
        for (DataObject dataObject : resultSet.getRows ()) {
          count ++;
          System.out.println ("Content ID  is  :  " + dataObject.get ("dDocName"));
          System.out.println("DID is : " +dataObject.get("dID"));
          System.out.println("Location was : " + dataObject.get("dActualLocation"));
          DataBinder dataBinder1 = idcClient.createBinder(); 
          dataBinder1.putLocal("dID",dataObject.get ("dID"));
          dataBinder1.putLocal("dDocName",dataObject.get ("dDocName"));
          /*Metadata which needs to be updated */
          //dataBinder1.putLocal("dActualLocation", "1234xxx54xx45"); 
          serializer.serializeBinder (System.out, dataBinder1);

          ServiceResponse response1 = idcClient.sendRequest(userContext,dataBinder1);
          System.out.println("Data Updated Successfully!!");
        System.out.println("Total record is : " + count);
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Added on Dec 7 2023