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How to map dynamic list attributes to query values

Hawk333Apr 2 2017 — edited Apr 3 2017

I create a dynamic list with query following the documentations here:

My query looks as follows:

select 1         as level_value

       , m_name  as label_value

       , m_id as target_value

       , m_img_url         as image_value

       , 'test' as attribute7

       , '1' attribute8

from   mz_people

order by m_id;

The list template is Media List. I created another copy of the template and used it (so I can play with it).

The list currently looks as follow:


There are two places where I want to display dynamic data from my query but I failed.

  1. I want to display initials inside the circles on the left
  2. I want to display discription below Person name (The one appears above is hardcoded in the template, more on this below).

First, here is the List Template noncurrent:

<li class="t-MediaList-item  #A04#">

    <a href="#LINK#" class="t-MediaList-itemWrap #A05#" #A03#>

        <div class="t-MediaList-iconWrap">

            <span class="t-MediaList-icon u-color #A06#"><span class="t-Icon #ICON_CSS_CLASSES# u-color #A06#" #IMAGE_ATTR#>#A08#</span></span>


        <div class="t-MediaList-body">

            <h3 class="t-MediaList-title">#TEXT#</h3>

            <p class="t-MediaList-desc">The description value is #A07#</p>


        <div class="t-MediaList-badgeWrap">

            <span class="t-MediaList-badge"></span>




As you can see, I am using #A07# and #A08# as attribute7 and attribute8. But that does not work. I know what I hardcode here appears in the runtime. But the substitution strings (i.e, A07, A08) are just being completely removed, and substituted with empty strings. I tried with all attributes from 1 .. 10, with the same result.  Notice, the template options, I enabled 'show description option'. What I am doing wrong here?

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