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How to make an contain (with spatial context) on a list of geoms


I am using Oracle Spatial context to detect if an object enters in a specific area.

I actually compare one by one position with geoms (from a wlevs:cache) with a list of geoms active for that user

with a condition like this cacheGeoms.idGeom = ceob.geom.idGeom.

But my goal is to know if an object enters any of these geometries, without doing one by one, but in this case I get

Invalid statement: "alter query >>QueryGoOutBuffer<< start"

Description: specified predicate requires full scan of external source which is not supported

In Oracle spatial SQL, we can use sdo_contains (geom, mymovingpoint)='TRUE', and it uses the index on geom to get all interacting geometries).

Why is it not working like this using the cache.

What should I use to make this working ?

Here is sample of the query:

select distinct

          ceob.iosDeviceDataEvent as iOSDeviceDataEvent,

          ceob.aboService as aboService,

          ceob.service as service,

          ceob.device as device,

          ceob.deviceParam as deviceParam,

          ceob.eventsConfig as eventsConfig,

          com.oscars.giplibrary.core.eventtypes.dbmapping.Geom(cacheGeoms.idGeom, cacheGeoms.geomName) as geom,

          ceob.notification as notification,

          ceob.recipient as recipient,

          ceob.recipientsNotification as recipientsNotification,

          ceob.user as user,

 as place,

                        ceob.device.nameDevice as nameDevice,

                        cacheGeoms.geomName as geomName,

                        ceob.eventsConfig.eventTrigger as eventTrigger,

                        (case when CONTAIN@GIPCoreCtx(cacheGeoms.geom,, ceob.iosDeviceDataEvent.y), 0.05d)=true then 'TRUE' else 'FALSE' end) as isContain

          from ChanEnabledOutputBuffer[NOW] as ceob, GIPCacheGeoms as cacheGeoms

This query allows me to get all relationships between position and all configured geoms. That helps me after to make pattern to only get an event when relationship is changing (from IN to OUT and from OUT to IN)

Have you an idea ?

You have my phone number to call me!



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