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How to make a Chat with not much Socket knowledge (API IRC is a good idea?)

Andre LopesSep 3 2012 — edited Sep 3 2012
Hi! I want to ask you guys some things, i hope you can be patient with me and help me :D;
Thanks in Advance.

I want to do a simple, very very very very simple Chat Java Program. But i didnt actually learn Socket very well. So i was thinking in maybe, using an API to do that, while my College dont teach me Sockets.
I have knowledge in others API, and JavaFX, which im learning with a book and with this forum.

So i am capable of learning and researching in internet.

I saw an API IRC, and i was wondering if its possible to do a chat like that in java using that API !

Anyone can give me a hand ? I used MSN api before, it worked but, its not actually what i want.

Thanks guys.

Java Rules!
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Added on Sep 3 2012
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