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how to list archivelogs that need backup

user8957255Aug 27 2013 — edited Aug 29 2013

Can someone help me with RMAN command. I would like to rman command syntax only for the following scenarios.

I have archivelogs the disk , sequence = 40, 41, 42 , 43

and say, I backed up only sequence 41 file.

next time I want to list (not backup) which archivelogfiles have not been backed up since the last backup (which was sequence 41 was backedup).

I would like to be able to list 40, 42. 43 that needed to be backed up as a list in the RMAN.

I understand that I can look at find from v$archived_log view and I can backup using (backup archivelog all not backed up 1 times to device type disk - i am ok with this).

I need to be able to list the archivelogs that need backup from existing disk-directory of archivelog files from RMAN prompt.

please help me with the command syntax. I appreciate it.

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