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How to limit report to X number of rows per page?

Kim2012Aug 7 2013 — edited Aug 7 2013

Hi guys,

After upgrading from Apex 4.0 to Apex 4.2.2, I think the "maximum number of rows per page" feature for a report region doesn't work any more.  Specifically, I have a page that contains a report region.  When editing that region, and accessing the "Report Attributes" tab, the value I enter in the "Number of Rows" field seems to have no affect on limiting rows.  Of course, it's not practical to revert back to the previous version of Apex, but I'm pretty sure that this feature worked in the 4.0.  As I recall, there were Next/Previous buttons provided automatically by Apex to allow paging between sets of records. 

Does this feature not work in 4.2.2?

If not, is there a workaround?

Or have I missed the boat on how to limit the number of rows shown per page for a report region?



P.S. I'm using Apex 4.2.2 with Oracle 11g XE running on Windows 7.

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