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How to include a header on hidden field for download to Excel?

Andrea ZOct 17 2022

I'm a newbie to APEX development, but I've seen my question asked a few times on this forum and the posts are marked as closed with no apparent resolution. I'm running APEX 22.1.1 version.
I've created a Master-Detail IG and I've added a hidden field to the master form. I want to be able to include the field in the download (which I did); however, there is no header for that field in the output. As a result of the no header, Excel will return an error that it found a problem with some content and then asks if I want to recover the data.
This is not what I want the users to have to deal with whenever they download the form to an Excel spreadsheet. The other output options (CSV, HTML, PDF) seem fine -- they all show the hidden field data without a header.
Is there a way to add the header to this hidden field for download purposes?

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Added on Oct 17 2022