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How to handle SQL hints in WCC

VladFNov 4 2013 — edited Nov 5 2013

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is an exclusive WCC aspect, but I would like to find how to control the hints generation in an SQL. I have a query identified by a name in custom_query.htm file. This query is called from Java code like

getWorkspace().createResultSet("myQuery", params);

so, pretty standard.

Thing is in the tracing I can see something like this added after the select word:

/*+ USE_NL (r baw wd w dm) LEADING(r)INDEX (r PK_Revisions)*/

How can I change what's generated so that to have another table as the LEADING ?

Is this something one can configure from WCC or is it something configurable on the DB...?



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Added on Nov 4 2013
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