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How to give read access to Data Grid in HFM

JanGLiJul 6 2017 — edited Jul 7 2017


HFM version

i am trying to give simple read access to just one account member of my data grid... so that when i open my data grid only one account is visible to me (learning how to use securities).

These are the steps that i did, but still can't view my data grid. kindly guide what am i missing... or doing wrong...

1 - created a user, test1

2 - created a group testgroup1 and make test1 a member of testgroup1

3 - provisioned my group with these roles... applied all View Roles mentioned in this document

     i have even tried giving all the rights except Application Administrator, still not able to see any data grid.

4 - create a security class and pastedImage_6.png

5 - add security class in my meta data like this... and uploaded it.... pastedImage_7.png

6 - but when i log in using user test1. i can't see anything.

In planning we use to give access of data forms to... is there anything like this in HFM? or data form access is managed via just securities.
Kindly help