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How to get selected left shuttle item on-click?

jaramillJan 23 2024 — edited Jan 23 2024

Running on Oracle APEX version 21.2.3, on Oracle Database 19c (19.0)

There is a prior thread that has an APEX app example of what I would like to achieve but the person who answered @shunt8 left out key details.

“Shuttles: How to get/use the value of a highlighted shuttle value?”

Shuttles: How to get/use the value of a highlighted shuttle value? - Oracle Forums

Here's their app: Shuttle Menu (

I'd like to do the same where the user clicks on 1 of many items on the left-hand side but BEFORE I shuttle the item to the right-hand side which then triggers cascading LOV values, I'd like to “preview” the items on the cascading LOVs, so I would like to grab the value that was clicked on, on the left-hand side (see screenshot). Item is clicked but not moved to the right. I want to grab that “Display Value” (to test I created a page item below), so then I can run a query to preview the expected results.

So if the user likes what they see then move to the right and then see the results:

The question is what JavaScript do I use? I have seen mentions of APEX 5. where the reference the shuttle item but with a suffix of “_LEFT”, and “_RIGHT”. That doesn't seem to work.

If @shunt8 is around (from the referenced thread) and can help me that would be great.

This post has been answered by Gabriel Guzman on Jan 23 2024
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Added on Jan 23 2024