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How to get payments for an invoice with REST service without {CheckId}?

Miguel BanderasJan 23 2023 — edited Jan 24 2023

Hi, hope the question is in the right topic.
i can query the invoices for a PO through the /fscmRestApi/resources/ rest Service, i can get the invoiceId, invouce Number, and anothers useful fields.

But, the trouble is that, i can't reach the payments for that invoice.
i found the REST /fscmRestApi/resources/{CheckId} but i don't know the checkId...
i could use the REST /fscmRestApi/resources/ but with the "q" parameter i can't query with the invoice_id or the invoice_num.

and with the installment service neither i can reach the payment number (check number, check date).
could you help me please with a possible solution?

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Added on Jan 23 2023
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