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How to fix sqldeveloper remote debug when language system is in English?

User_AY4AENov 12 2021 — edited Nov 13 2021

I have a SQLDeveloper application with OS language system is Spanish. When I try to debug a runnable object (procedure, function, package or trigger) using a remote debug listening in same application instance, it works fine. However, when I change my OS language system to English, it fails.
OS System: Window 10, Windows 11
Spanish language: (also with --AddVMOption=-Duser.language=es )
image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngStarts the debugger mode. Works fine!

English language:(also with --AddVMOption=-Duser.language=en )
image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngDoesn't start the debugger mode and creates another listener. Error.
Anyone knows how to solve this situation?

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Added on Nov 12 2021