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How to find out who or what is updating the table?

AllenS.Oct 16 2023 — edited Oct 16 2023


We have this issue in one the column (end_date) in one of our table where it keeps getting updated to a specific date (12/31/2012). This doesn't happen in our development instance so I'm thinking this is getting updated from outside the system. Could be a 3rd-party system that has access to the same DB.

Is there any way to find out what DB user (could be using the same schema as we are) or any other information that could help us in any way.

I thought of a way to prevent this by adding a trap via trigger but we need to figure out first who or what is doing this.

Appreciate any feedback.

This post has been answered by L. Fernigrini on Oct 17 2023
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Added on Oct 16 2023
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