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How to filter the report based on a fact?

Chandranshu BhardwajNov 26 2019 — edited Dec 4 2019

Hi Folks,

We have a requirement in which we need to filter the data based on a fact.

Is there any efficient way to do that? I tried below approach using another analysis as a filter but it didn't work out.

I created two analysis. The SubAnalysis gets all products where its Quantity is 2, using the selection step.  The SubAnalysis is then used as a filter report on the products in the MainAnalysis.

The main analysis should only be giving records with product quantity of 2, but instead is evaluating all the products.  It is disregarding the selection step (it shows correctly when running just the subanalysis).  What needs to be done to the subanalysis so that only products with quantity of 2 is used in the MainAnalysis?  Is there a different way other than selection step to only list products that have a certain item quantity , i.e. like using the “Having” clause in SQL?



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Added on Nov 26 2019