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How to filter a form with pagination?

socpresNov 25 2008 — edited Dec 4 2008
Hi all,

I've converted an app to Apex 3.1 (thanks to helpful folks here), but am stuck on the final form. I'd like to streamline the master-detail form, skipping over the tabular report in the detail. Here's (almost) a shell of what I'm trying to do:


I'd like the select list in the top region to be able to filter the results in the lower region, showing one row of info at a time in a form. The above example isn't nearly as complex as the real form I'm using, of course, but it should show what I'm trying to do.

I've set up the computation for P1_EMPNO as:
select min(empno)
from "#OWNER#".emp
where deptno like :P1_DEPT_FILTER OR :P1_DEPT_FILTER IS NULL
...with a conditional that P1_EMPNO is NULL. Likewise, the row fetch contains the same WHERE clause as above.

I've been running around in circles trying to debug this, prototyping several forms to test combinations of branches, SQL, and such, but no luck.

Has anyone done this before? I see some semi-close threads here, but they seem to end up as a report.


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Added on Nov 25 2008