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How to export app & its tables and data?

DannyS-OracleAug 1 2016 — edited Aug 1 2016

Hi Apex gurus, experts, masters, and professors,

I am trying to export one application from my workspace to my co-worker's workspace, but so far we can only export & import the application (pages) - without the tables and data. It seems there is no straightforward way to export tables from the Object Browser. I already tried the Generate DDL script from menu SQL Workshop > SQL Script, chose the tables, but got this error when my co-worker tried to install the script to his own workspace:


I also looked into this thread: Export APEX application, DDL and data, which suggest SQL Developer to do the table and data export. But the problem is I am using Oracle Cloud Apex as a Service. I don't know how to make remote connection to it.

Is there an easier solution for this? Any help will be appreciated!

P.S. I am using Apex v5.0.3

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