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How to Emulate Landscape Mode From Version 10 in Version 12 Interview?

Griffin ScottOct 12 2021

I am upgrading a rulebase from version 10 to version 12 and have numerous interview screens which used to use landscape mode to collect entity instances. In version 10, there are 3 display style options for the entity collection controls: portrait, landscape, and tabular. In version 12, I can only see two options: tabular and portait.

Is there a way to make version 12 interview screens look the same as landscape mode using either tabular or portrait? I have attached a screenshot of a version 10 landscape entity collection where the instances are laid out in columns next to one another which I cannot figure out in version 12.
Oracle Forum Landscape Example.PNG

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

This post has been answered by Richard Napier on Oct 13 2021
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Added on Oct 12 2021