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How to drag and drop from one tree region to another tree region?

Sai Sandeep Tirlangi-OracleAug 9 2021 — edited Aug 9 2021

Hi Team,
Is it possible to drag and drop nodes/items for one tree region to another tree region? if yes, please share your thoughts?
in the below example, i have 2 regions are Grocery tree region, Clothing tree region, i want to drag one item (Channa) from Grocery tree region and drop it into Clothing region (Under T-shirts item)
Note: i used Apex provided Tree type to generate these tree structures.
image.pngPlease add your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.
Environment :- 18c DB and Apex version is 21.1.2
Please let me know any more details are required.

Sai Sandeep.

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Added on Aug 9 2021