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How to Download HTML as PDF that is generated through a Function (PL/SQL) in Oracle APEX?

Adnan3114Aug 2 2022 — edited Aug 3 2022

As the question states, is there any way to manually download HTML content that is generated from a function to PDF?
I have already succeeded downloading a div as PDF using "html2pdf.js" javascript library which works fine on a PL/SQL content body Region type. But I want to create a classic report that will have the option to download the desired HTML report on a single column like this:
"SELECT primary_key, col1, col2, FUNCTION_RETURNING_HTML(primary_key) "DOWNLOAD" from TABLE"
Without displaying the HTML content on the report.
Is there any way to do this or any alternatives? (we can't use any reporting tool)
EDIT: I have found a solution and pinned it as Answer below.

This post has been answered by Adnan3114 on Aug 3 2022
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Added on Aug 2 2022