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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)


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How to display "Loading data..." to the user

843805Dec 1 2006 — edited Dec 6 2006
Hi I have a complex ui screen.

In that there is a panel, which displays a graph to the user and it updates to a different graph, depepnding upon the user clicks.
I need to get a lot of data from the backend and then change the graph to the user.

When i am loading hte data, i need to change the panel display to indicate that the data is being acquired and processed.

I dont want to use the cardlayout,
i want to know what other appoaches i can use to show the information to the user.

One of the things i have beein thinking about is dim the current panel and show a message box inside the panel i am updating.

Does anyone know how i can change the alpha(and make it dimmer) in case of a JPanel and throw a small popupwindow inside th epanel to display the message?

any clue or hint is greately appreciated,

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