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How to Display image on 11g report from a network folder

user1538329Jan 19 2022

Dear All
I want to display a picture in the oracle 11g report depending upon a variable i.e. EMP_CODE with a static network folder path i.e. \\\emp_images\
I made a field on the report to display the employee image
and I set its property READ FROM FILE = YES and FILE FORMAT=IMAGE
But the following error occurs
"File '\\\emp_images\111.JPG' not found. "
The path is correct because if I run the report in report builder, it shows the picture but when I call it from a form (deployed on WebLogic 10.3) it gives the above-mentioned error.
My platform is:
Oracle application server 10.3 (11g Forms & Reports) installed on windows server 2016
and oracle report builder 11g installed on widows 10 for development

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Added on Jan 19 2022
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