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How to display image in Interactive grid report (Apex 23.2)

Eleyas KhandakarNov 8 2023 — edited Nov 9 2023

How to display images in Interactive grid report ?
I have tried as much as I could by searching on the internet. It shows that it's possible in various ways. But none of them worked for me. In some places, I didn't find the option they talking about, in some places, I did the same as they showed but mine didn't work. I have tried using apex_util.get_blob_file_src, I also have tried the REST service. it shows Box! Box! Box!

Please help me out. Tell me sequentially how to do that.

#apex23 #image #intractivegrid

This post has been answered by Dietmar Gabauer-Oracle on Nov 9 2023
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Added on Nov 8 2023