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How to display GeoJSON from a CLOB column in the database on a Map Region?

myluism2 days ago

Hi guys.

I'm using Apex 23 with Oracle 21c XE on my laptop.

This is scenario

  1. Downloaded GeoJson Data from this Site: I'm testing with GeoJSON data from Venezuela. GeoJSON Level-0 file for my first test.
  2. Created a test table with CLOB column containing GeoJSON Level-0 data on one Row:

3. Created a Test app with a page with map region as this:

Also these attributes:

I created the page and run it but I do not see the particular country highlighted or anything at all:

Is it just a map and that it. I have tested changing some properties but no luck. Please notice I created a faceted search. Now rows!

What am i missing here? I'm assuming the column contains the right data.

Could anyone provide some feedback please? I´m completely new with GeoJSON and Apex.

Thanks in advance !!!

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Added 2 days ago