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How to display a pop-up after moving to one train stop from another?

Aravindan__VMar 21 2019 — edited Mar 25 2019

Hi all,

   I am trying to implement a train region task flow in my application. I would like to display a pop-up (a custom dialog with buttons for user to take different actions) after moving to the next region in the train.

   The Jdeveloper version is

   Here is the current application set-up.

   1. Parent Bounded Task-flow, which has one view activity pointing to a jsf page MainPage.jsf

   2. MainPage.jsf has one taskflow region embedded in it. this embedded taskflow is train taskflow TrainTF.

   TrainTF details:

   1. this has 3 view activities (all train stops, and all fragments).

   2. two managed beans,

           a. PageFlowScope bean to handle train actions (additional validations when click next or click previous)

           b. BackingBeanScope bean to handle events in the regions.

   The requirement is, when user clicks on the next button to move from view fragment 1 view fragment 2, a pop-up has to be displayed after view fragment 2 is displayed.


   I am unable to find a way to achieve this.

   I've looked at the following links to get further information. But I feel these resources do not help the requirement.…


   Could anyone direct me in the right direction to solve this requirement?



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Added on Mar 21 2019