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how to display a dynamic combobox?

Murray9654Feb 6 2013 — edited Feb 8 2013
we had a requirement to display a combobox which is filled with some values on the webpage when somebody checks the checkbox which is present on the webpage.

The approach we have taken is ajax. how we did this is, when somebody checks the checkbox on the webpage we are initiating the ajax call requesting a servlet. this servlet pulls the data from the database, places the data in the request and forwards the request to a jsp. In that jsp i am writing simple html combobox and populating the values in the combobox from the request using JSTL and this jsp will be sent as response to ajax call. The ajax gets the html as responce which contains a combobox and i am just placing that html ( the complete response) in a div which is next to checkbox.

In this approach there is lot of pain. if i have to display 10 html components dynamically based on some condition then i have to have 10 jsp's one for each component. I always feel this is a wrong way of doing things. what is the best approach to deal with the dynamic stuff on webpages.
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