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How to deploy apex application changes to production?

user507288Jun 15 2016 — edited Jun 15 2016

I have development and a production database. How can I deploy the application changes to the production environment?

When I create the export-file from development, it contains also application data (f.ex. Customer, 3 rows).

When I import the file in production, will it overwrite the production data?

What will be replaced, overwritten..... in production?

What if I create a new table column in development table and want to upgrade the corrispondig table in production?

For production: Must I create a script (as “supporting objects”) that:

  • truncates the production table 
  • removes the constraints 
  • adds the new column
  • Reloads the saved data into the production table?

How can I deploy the application or pages without damaging the production data (tables)?

How is your process to deploy apex applications from development to production?

Thank you for help

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