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how to deploy an application in oracle 12c forms

Su.giNov 24 2015 — edited Dec 4 2015

Hi All,

  I am developing an application in Oracle Forms 11g R2.

Now i need to upgrade my application to Oracle Forms 12c.

In Oracle 11g I just configured in Formsweb.cfg and placed all my .fmb, .fmx, .rdf, .rep in location D:\forms11g\

and used my url like


for reports


Now I have installed fmw_12. and fmw_12.

after that i have run the rcu.bat  and Config.bat files. I am created domain mode as deployment

its creates the adminserver url as http://localhost:7001/console. its works

http://localhost:9001/forms/frmservlet/ is works

My issue is

http://localhost:7001/em is not working

http://localhost:9001/forms/frmservlet?config=myapp is not working

its shows FRM-93131: Cannot find base HTML file basejpi.htm.

How to configure my application in Oracle forms 12c?

Thanks in Advance,

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Added on Nov 24 2015