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How to create SHIP_TO site of an existing Customer Account in Oracle fusion?

KashifRazaAug 22 2019 — edited Aug 23 2019

Hi Everyone,

I need to create a new (ship_to) site for an existing customer account my oracle fusion application.
I have gone through many articles/posts/oracle documents but could not found the desired solution.

I have created a "Customer account" and respective one "(SHIP_TO) SITE " using following web-service successfully.

1. https://domain/foundationParties/LocationService?wsdl

2. https://domain/foundationParties/OrganizationService?wsdl

3. http://domain/foundationParties/CustomerAccountService?wsdl

Now, Just need to create multiple SHIP_TO sites for this customer via web-services. Can anyone please help me in this regards


M. Kashif

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Added on Aug 22 2019
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