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How to create a new folder when using apex export from SQLcl on a daily basis.

myluismFeb 15 2024

Hi all.

This example is from APEX Version but it would also apply for newer versions.

SQLcl version is lastest.

I need to create a script that would run on a daily basis and performs export of all applications from a particular workspace.

Test command is:

apex export -dir C:\Stage\apex_bkp -workspaceid XXXXXXX -split -expPubReports -expSavedReports -expIRNotif

This command is fine. It generates under -dir a folder for each application within the given workspace. However if I run this again or through a script, files will be rewritten for each run. I want to create a backup each time the backup job runs.

I would like know it there is an option to create a folder containing the date of backup and under that folder perform that backup.

I know i can create that folder when the script runs and then specify this as -dir option or simply cd to that new directory.

I'm used to using the deprecated APEXExport utility and with this option a new folder is created each time job runs.

Thanks in advance !!!

This post has been answered by myluism on Feb 22 2024
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Added on Feb 15 2024