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How to create a Docker Swarm

user-4q41mJun 27 2023

Docker Swarm is a scalable and reliable for web app development Company with efficient automated load balancing and high availability.

To create a Docker Swarm, follow these steps:

  • Initialize Docker Swarm: Choose a node that will act as the manager node. Open a terminal or command prompt on that node and run the following command:

docker swarm init

  • This command initializes Docker Swarm on the manager node and generates a token.
  • Join Worker Nodes: To add worker nodes to the Swarm, run the command provided in the output of the previous step on each worker node. The command will look similar to this:

docker swarm join --token <token> <manager-node-ip>:<manager-node-port>

  • Replace <token> with the token generated in step 1, and <manager-node-ip> and <manager-node-port> with the IP address and port of the manager node.
  • Verify the Swarm: On the manager node, run the command docker node ls to see the list of nodes in the Swarm. It should display both the manager and worker nodes.
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Added on Jun 27 2023