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How to convert DBA from DBVERIFY to file and block_id for bigfile

Bobby DurrettFeb 23 2021

This is on on HP-UX. I have DBVERIFY output like this on a bigfile data file:
DBV-00201: Block, DBA 18121156, marked corrupt for invalid redo application
I would like to query DBA_EXTENTS to find out what segment 18121156 is in. I know the file number because I have the datafile name from my dbv command. But how do I get the block_id?
Oracle's support site says that I cannot use dbms_utility.data_block_address_block for bigfiles but I cannot find the alternative.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

This post has been answered by Bobby Durrett on Mar 3 2021
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Added on Feb 23 2021
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