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How to control Region's visibility on page load?

Murat ŞenerAug 18 2016 — edited Aug 22 2016


I have one SOC and one Region on my page.

SOC has Contact Lists on it which get these lists from DB.

Roles are assigned to Contact Lists, if user has right to see selected Contact List(if user in role), region gets visible.

I use ValueChangeListener property of SOC to set region visible or invisible.

It works well if any value change event of SOC happens.

The problem is that i cant control visible property on page load as no value change event.

I want to set region visible if user has right to see SOC's first value,first Contact List on the SOC, on page load.

I use JDev version.

Do you guys tell me if there is way to control User's right and set visibility of Region accordingly on page load?

Many thanks in advance!


This post has been answered by Murat Şener on Aug 22 2016
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