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How to connect and read data from MongoDB source to Oracle DB using ODI?

User_DKRJ7Dec 20 2022 — edited Dec 20 2022

I want to connect and read data from MongoDB and load to Oracle DB using ODI using the JDBC connection method.
While ODI doesn't have a built-in support for this, it does provide drivers to establish this connectivity. I'm looking for a cert-based connection and have tried some standard connection-strings which don't seem to work.
I am also looking for details of KMs which can be used to read the source data in no-sql format & process to store it in Oracle relational DB.
Has anyone tried this out? Any assistance/additional details would help to proceed.
Thanks in advance!
Source: Mongodb Version: 4.2.21 Community Edition
Target: Oracle Database 12c
ODI Studio Details: Oracle Data Integrator Studio 12c

Connection String tried in ODI (not working):
Error Message:
oracle.odi.runtime.agent.ExecutionException: oracle.odi.core.exception.OdiRuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: [FMWGEN][MongoDB JDBC Driver][MongoDB]No more data available to read.
ODI_Connectivity_Error_Log_Masked.txt (6.12 KB)

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Added on Dec 20 2022
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