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How to check for Disk latency, SGA,PGA related bottlenecks in AWR ? Reports attached

1048827Oct 5 2017 — edited Oct 17 2017

DB version:

OS : Oracle Linux 6.8

Grid Infra version :

I have a 4-node RAC. Currently , 3rd Node is down due to a hardware issue. This DB runs in physical machines (each node having 80 CPUs, 251 GB RAM).

I have allocated 100 GB for SGA and 14 GB for PGA.

I would like to know if there are Disk latency or SGA,PGA related bottlenecks in this DB ?

I am attaching two AWR reports (from the peak hour 4PM to 5PM)

    a. A one-hour report from Instance 4

    b. A one-hour global report (all 3 instances)

Any recommedation, however trivial is welcome

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