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How to change the JDBC driver?

915091Jul 17 2013 — edited Jul 17 2013


we're working with the JDev and since the new 12c driver is released we wanted to create a POC with some of the new features of the 12c JDBC driver. However, when i replace the jdbc driver in the path ../middleware/welsserver_10.3/server/lib of the Integrated Weblogic with the new one. I can not connect with the database anymore in the JDeveloper. I get an error like NoSuchFieldError in o.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection:1318 or Test failed: thinJndiLdapConnectTimeout when I test the connection settings.

So I assume it's not enought to just change the jar in this directory. What else do I have to do so that I could test some of the new feature?

Thanks in advance.

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