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How to change/override default Mandatory Attribute Message in ADF?

MagwaaAug 30 2017 — edited Aug 31 2017

Hi All,

I have a use case where i have multiple tabs on UI with DML operation support on every tab and i am using single save button. I want to check for required fields for mostly all attributes of the tables here is all i have tried and problems faced:

Jdeveloper Version is 12.1.2

1: I used components required option but it failed as it prompts error whenever new button is clicked due to auto submit property which i can't turn off because of conditional rendering( I have used  Andrejus Tricks for Page Valdiation skipping as well along with playing tables property of Content Delivery and Immediate property)

2: I can't go for checking manually on save button as i will have to look for every table and rows for instance along with attribute values

3: The only way out seems is validate method for EntityImpl and check all attributes for that but for that i will have to write too many lines of code (Saving it as a last resort)

Here is where i need help:

When we mark an attribute as mandatory in Entity and click save the model throws error saying this attribute is required in this Application Module. I want to control that message and override it with custom message as i intend to use internationalization as well. This will reduce the work and will use the framework as well. Any help in this regard is much appreciated.



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Added on Aug 30 2017