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How to change and convert datatype in ODI for specific field before loading in target table

user12251389Oct 11 2021 — edited Oct 11 2021

Hallo All,
I am using ODI 12c and quiet new with this tool. I want to truncate and reload the target table from source but getting error as ORA-01861: literal does not match format string.
In my source table SRC_TBL i have column modtime which is of Varchar datatype. And the value in this field is something like '2011-02-25-08:47:43,731984'.
Before i load the data into target table TRG_TBL, i want to convert this modtime field to date and use below condition such that the value store in the TRG_TBL for field modtime will be '2011-02-25 08:47:43'
to_date(SUBSTR(modtime, 1, 19), 'YYYY-MM-DD-HH24:MI:SS') AS modtime
Can someone please help how to change this datatype in ODI and use above condition for field modtime. I dont want to use option CUSTOME_TEMPLATE in ODI where we have to write select query and override the logic of loading.

Below is my simple mapping:

This post has been answered by Marco Fris on Oct 20 2021
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