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How to automate tablespace expansion task?

JasonPCMar 6 2024

I'm wondering, is there anyway that I could perhaps create a job that will increase my tablespace size whenever it hit certain threshold?

My database is not running on ASM nor I have enterprise manager running. I monitored the disk space usage via cron jobs scheduled every day. Within this cron job, there's a job to monitor tablespace sizes and whenever any tablespace hit 90% usage, I will receive an alert to my email which I then manually increase the tablespace by adding more datafiles to it so the usage will come back down.

Theoretically it seems quite straight forward to automate the task I can get the output of my cron jobs and issue the ‘alter tablespace add datafile’ command, but somehow it's rather not practical to implement it since I each tablespace has different naming for the datafiles.

Thus I'm just asking for any ideas or feedbacks on whether this can be done or not.

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Added on Mar 6 2024