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How to assess whether O2C steps (invoice creation, AR payment) were executed by a batch/system user

3915550Mar 15 2019 — edited Mar 19 2019

Dear Community,

I would really appreciate anyones input on the above question. I am trying to assess automation leves related to particular activities in the O2C process (being new to Oracle 12).

Know that in Oracle there is nothing like user type based on which I could easily determine the above. But here my knowledge ends.

Would be really grateful to learn about tables and default flags/configurations, in general anything that may be helpful.

I am working on a db level, just missing some basic Oracle knowledge I believe.

Tables and rules currently looking at:

Invoice: RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL - Entry is automated, if field "Sales_Order" is not null and Line_Type = 'Line'

AR: AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL - Entry is Automated, if field "Receipt_Method_ID" is 3758 or 2977

Please advise whether the above rules may be correct.

Thank you.


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Added on Mar 15 2019