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How to apply formatting on dashboard prompt list of values

638555Oct 6 2008 — edited Oct 15 2008
I have dashboard with several pages that use one set of prompts for a year and a month. For some reports I use promted value to show data only for this month, but for some reports I need to show data for previous 12 month, therefore I have defined those prompt not directly for column, but with formula as adviced by Venkatakrishnan in his post about dashboard prompts (

The formula I use is "CASE WHEN 1=0 THEN "dim - Periods"."Year" ELSE 2007 END", the drop down list is shown by SQL statement "SELECT DISTINCT "dim - Periods".Year FROM "Profit Loss Analysis" ORDER BY "dim - Periods".Year".

The problem is that whatever the default formating of column "dim - Periods".Year", in prompt the values are shown with two decimals, for example "2008,00".
The question is - how I can get rid of the decimal places in dashboard prompt list of values?
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