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How to add more roles in Apex' Access Control?

DannyS-OracleNov 29 2016 — edited Dec 12 2016

Hi guys, I am trying to add more roles from the default options in Apex' Access Control (administrator, edit, view).

My app is like container of three different apps. And the admin of each app will be different, that's why I am looking to add more role options in the Access Control (e.g. 'admin-app1', 'admin-app2', 'edit-app1')... But it seems the documentation did not provide customization: Controlling Access to Applications, Pages, and Page Components 

Anybody know how to add more roles on top of the default Access Control? I am using Apex v5.0.4

This post has been answered by TexasApexDeveloper on Nov 29 2016
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