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How to add an entry into a Select List programmatically? (Apex 19.2)

John like many othersNov 19 2020 — edited Nov 19 2020

I would like to add a new entry into an existing select list (with existing entries) programmatically (Javascript). The most obvious way would be:
apex.item( "MYSELECTLIST" ).addValue( "mydisplaytext", 100 );
or maybe the other way around:
apex.item( "MYSELECTLIST" ).addValue( 100, "mydisplaytext" );
Both ends up with: desktop_all.min.js?v= No default handling defined for addValue
I coudln't find a clear/proper example for adding an entry into a SELECT List in the Apex documentation and the Internet.
Anyone has an idea how to add an entry into a Select List ?

This post has been answered by InoL on Nov 19 2020
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Added on Nov 19 2020