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How to add a watermark to a pdf file in Oracle Apex ?

User_F875WDec 26 2021

i know there is already a thread regarding this topic , but thought it would be a good idea to raise the topic again in a new thread .
so i tried installing Plpdf which is a third party package that you can install on apex database then , its functions can be utilized to add watermarks to pdf files .
i used the below function
PLPDF_TOOLKIT.TextWaterMark to add the watermark to a pdf when being downloaded and it works fine , but when trying to add a watermark to a pdf file that has images in it , the watermark appears behind those images which defeats the purpose of the watermark "at least for me"
in my case , i need the watermark to be fully visible and written clearly on the top of each page of the pdf file , even if the pdf file has images , the watermark should still print on top of that image .
i contacted plpdf support and i got a reply saying that this behavior is normal and expected , and my requirement is regarded very "specific".
im not a watermark expert , but my understanding of a watermark is that its a text that will always visible and ofcourse be printed on top of images on a pdf.
so was hoping if anyone managed to add watermarks to pdf files in oracle ? anyone used plpdf before ? and did you face this same problem with images ?
any other third party tools do you recommend using with Oracle apex ?
Thanks and Regards

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Added on Dec 26 2021