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How do you run Java Puzzle Ball ?

9a14f127-8560-49af-a391-1434f9fe7f39Apr 27 2017 — edited Oct 30 2019

I've downloaded the JavaPuzzleBall jar file and now I'm trying to run it.

I've tried

java -jar JavaPuzzleBall.jar

java -cp JavaPuzzleBall.jar  javafxapplication01.JavaPuzzleBall

I've tried extracting the contents of the jar file into a directory and then, from this directory, running

java -cp .  javafxapplication01.JavaPuzzleBall

I've tried all the above using -classpath instead of -cp

In all cases the response I get is

Error: Could not find or load main class javafxapplication01.JavaPuzzleBall

I can see the JavaPuzzleBall.class file in the jar file in the correct location and when I extracted the contents it was there in the javafxapplication01 directory.

I've downloaded the jar file three times in case it had been corrupted, but still the same result.

Any ideas what the problem may be ?


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Added on Apr 27 2017