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How do you add a new field to an existing Filer Definition?

user1109647Jan 30 2010 — edited Mar 30 2010
Need to add a new field to an existing index in the Filer Report Definition. How can I do this? If you modify the Report Definition and attempt to save it you get a message stating it cannot save Report Definition when there is one with the same name. I know you can add a field, I've done it before. I know it cannot be done through Filer since there are already documents filed to this Report Definition. I just cannot remember the process to add this field.

Was there a utility to modify the schema?

Did I have to create a whole new Report Definition with a different name, same index fields as well as the new index field?

Also, any thoughts as to what this could do to the Full Text retroactive processing? Full text is configured to process these by the SQL Table Name, if I have to create a new table with a new table name, can I just modify the Full Text to process to point to the new table? Will it resume where left off or will it start over?

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