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How do Java Runtime versions correlate to downloadable versions?

Linda MontgomeryJan 9 2017 — edited Jan 19 2017


A couple of the Vendors who provide software to our organization and tell us which version of Java is required.  The numbers they give us start with the number 1, for example: 1.7.0_79 or 1.8.0_66.  They don't seem to be able to provide us with the downloadable version numbers I can find on your site. 

Years ago, I was able to find a table that showed the Runtime versions embedded in the published versions.  I can't seem to find that today.   Can someone please educate me or provide a link to a cross-reference?  It it possibly as simple as 1.7.0_79 being Java 7u79?

Thank you!

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Added on Jan 9 2017